Dental Care

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth As You Age

It is important to continue taking proper care of your teeth as you age. This includes practicing good dental hygiene at home and getting proper dental care. As you age, it is proper to adjust to dental health and dental care routines for your mouth. It requires a continuous steady and willingness to change to a method that suits your needs to maintain healthy teeth. The following are ways to maintain your healthy teeth as you age.

1. Changing your dental care as you age

Use a different toothbrushdvfvfsfegfgyerf

Use a toothbrush that has soft bristle when you age to protect your aging enamel and gums. You can utilize an electric toothbrush or a toothbrush that has an extra-long handle if you have arthritis as they help you to use less pressure and keeping your arms lower as you brush.

Be in contact with your dentist

It is always important to let your dentist know if you develop any medical condition for instance heart disease, cancer or diabetes as they may affect your dental health. Also, let them know any medication you are taking because you are likely to have more medication as you age. Medications that thin the blood like warfarin and aspirin can result in excessive bleeding.

2. Getting proper dental care

Visit a dentist

It is important to visit a dentist twice a year to get a regular dental cleaning as you age. This will enable your dentist to detect any problem that is emerging at an earlier stage before they get serious.

It is also important to visit a dentist when you have any problem to get it checked. Always talk to your dentist about any protective treatment that will give your teeth more protection from wear and tear.

3. Practicing good dental hygiene

Brush your teeth

dfehbfrhfbIt is important to keep up with proper hygiene as you age. Ensure you brush your teeth twice a day. This will help remove bacteria and food particles that nay result to tooth decay.

Ensure you get enough fluoride to prevent your teeth from wear and tear as you age. It is important to protect the sensitive teeth surface below your gum line which results from aging.

Also, remember to floss your teeth daily in addition to brushing, Flossing is essential for cleaning in between your teeth. Flossing helps in preventing bacteria, plaque, and food to build up between your teeth.

Smoking can cause harm to your teeth with time; it is advisable to quit smoking when you get old. Smoking puts you at a risk of getting into tooth decay, gum disease, and other health problems.