How To Promote Healthy Sleeping Habits In Children Before Bedtime


It is a difficult task for parents to get their children to bed and it is a distress to the family as a whole. Children below ten years need to sleep for ten to eleven hours. It is important for your child to have enough sleep for them to wake up feeling energized and ready for the next day’s activities. With the following tips, you can now be able to put your child to bed without much struggle.

Make sure you are aware how much sleep your kid needsrfbjnrfb

Different people need a different amount of time to sleep; this varies according to the age as well. Older children who are going to school need to sleep for at least nine hours while younger ones need to sleep for twelve hours. You child may be going to bed earlier than their rising time, or sometimes they are exhausted if they have trouble sleeping. If they are having trouble sleeping, consider changing their sleeping time to much the time they are supposed to wake and also you can minimize their day nap.

Cut down on sugar

Most kids are sensitive to sugar, and it is a stimulant. You can opt to give your child a low-sugar dessert like a yogurt and a piece of fruit. Your kids will be less irritable and able to sleep better with a low sugar dessert. It is nice to avoid sugary drinks or any juices late in the evening, instead, replace those drinks with water.

Watch out for food additives

Children are sensitive to additives and food coloring. If your child gets allergies, it can interfere with their sleeping patterns. Always know what kind of foods that cause allergic reactions to your kid as it will help you to know what to eliminate from your children’s diet.

Your child should sleep in a comfortable environment

grgrgrgjehguerhguerhYou can minimize sleeping problems in your kid by ensuring you keep their room clean and comfortable with proper beddings. Some children need a nightlight to feel safe than sleeping in total darkness. It is better to talk to your kids and know what they like, involve them in organizing their room so that they feel comfortable sleeping.

Prepare everything your kid needs before bedtime

Let your child choose their cuddle toy, select their blanket and have a bottle or glass of water ready before they go to bed. The reason for doing this is the kid may have whatever they need before you tuck them into bed.