Proper parenting involves having a comfortable fitting mattress for the baby’s crib. Moreover, the type of the mattress chosen may affect the sleep habit of the baby making the happiest baby on the block or the street crier. A cozy bed allows the child to drift into slumber almost immediately as if in their mother’s warm laps and can withstand their weight ensuring that they are safe and protected. Therefore, the proper choice of the crib mattress should make bedtime for the baby cozy and warm. For the best crib mattress talk to the The Sleep Advisor. Hence, choosing the best crib mattress, it is important to put the following into consideration;

Type of the mattress


Crib mattresses occur in different types and sizes. Therefore, the parent has to choose the most preferred mattress type for their child. The most common crib mattresses are; foam mattresses that are light and offer a firm surface. The foam mattress should be firm on the heavier side which ensures that they are resilient to the child’s weight hence do not create a suffocation hazard commonly known to cause sudden infant death syndrome. Secondly, there are innerspring mattresses that are composed of steel gauge coils padded with foam and fabric. Thirdly, there are organic mattresses made of organic and natural materials such as wool, cotton, natural latex, and coconut fibers among others. This type is the most expensive of the three but is regarded as one of the best crib mattresses in the world. Finally, there is the “Breathable” mattress that allows the baby to breathe freely even when the face is pressed against it.


When buying a crib mattress, it is important to understand the size of the mattress and that of the crib. This will inform the parent on how to buy a well fitting mattress that will not form contours on the crib for being large or too small to expose the structure of the crib thereby becoming an entrapment and suffocation hazard.

Density and weight

The density of the crib mattress affects its firmness and resilience. This ensures that the baby is safe and comfy when sleeping and playing within the crib. The proper mattress should enable the child to adopt a healthy sleeping position. Most crib mattresses are customized to have dual firmness which favors infants while softer one favors toddlers. The weight of the mattress is also a consideration as the parent will be hoisting it to change the baby’s sheets and covers.



Children are likely to mess on the mattress which necessitates cleaning. Therefore, mattresses with removable covers that washable assists to remove spots and keep the beddings clean. Moreover, some mattress’ covers are water resistant hence avoid getting soggy. Hence, waterproof mattresses are preferred for crib mattresses.